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A First Look At Samara In Rings

We’ve been talking about the upcoming sequel to The Ring (2002) for a while now. Titled Rings, the third film of the franchise will premiere later this year on October 27. The star of the franchise, Samara, will return to haunt anyone who watches her cursed VHS tape, killing them on the seventh day.   […]

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Jurassic World Writer Joins Pacific Rim 2

  Guillermo do Toro is no longer in the directors chair for Pacific Rim 2. The good new is that Steven DeKnight (Daredevil) has taken over. The project has also finally found a new writer to pen the monster movie. Derek Connolly, co-writer of Jurassic World, has signed on to pen the script, THR has reported. The […]

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‘The Forgotten’ Gets Sequel ‘Don’t Look In The Basement 2’ Forty Years Later

  Director and co-screenwriter Anthony Brownigg is continuing the story-line his father, S.F. Brownigg, began. Brownigg’s Don’t Look in the Basement 2 is set forty years after his father’s film, The Forgotten, originally titled Don’t Look in the Basement, ended. Don’t Look in the Basement 2 follows the only known survivor of a mass murder returns […]

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World War Z 2 Moving Forward

It has been a while since any news about the upcoming sequel to World War Z  has surfaced. Today we can report the film has now entered into preproduction and is preparing to begin filming late this summer. WWZ 2 will follow United Nations Investigator Gerry Lane, played by Brad Pitt, and the continued fight […]

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The Grudge Is Getting A New American Sequel

Takashi Shimizu’s 2000 film Ju-On brought Japanese horror to the main stream worldwide and by 2004 we had an American remake. Sam Raimi produced The Grudge, which was followed by two sequels. The Japanese franchise has now reached eight films in total and currently we are waiting on the release of Sadako vs. Kayako (The Ring vs. […]

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Sony Cancels Ghostbusters Movie Starring Channing Tatum And Chris Pratt

Last year we reported that there were not one, but two Ghostbusters films in the works. The first film, Paul Feig’s the female-driven female-driven Ghostbusters and the second, a male-driven Ghostbusters starring Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum. Joe and Anthony Russo, the duo behind Captain America: Civil War were attached to the second film, which is now […]

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Jeepers Creepers 3 Begins Filming Next Month

The last update we published on the long-awaited third film of the Jeepers Creepers franchise was back in February. Today, we have fresh news on Jeepers Creepers 3 via Bloody Disgusting. According to their source, Gina Philips will be returning to reprise her role as “Tish”, the only sibling that survived the first film. Their source also revealed […]

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