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‘The First Purge’ Teaser Makes America Great Again

  “Behind every tradition lies a revolution.” The Purge franchise continues this 4th of July with The First Purge, from director Gerard McMurray and screenwriter James DeMonaco, the franchise’s creator. Today, we get a look at how the annual night of chaos and murder began in the film’s first teaser trailer.     We should also talk about […]

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WWII Set ‘Overlord’ Revealed To Be The Fourth Film Of The ‘Cloverfield’ Franchise

  Back in June, we reported that there were rumors that J.J. Abrams’ WWII set Overlord was rumored to be the fourth film in the Cloverfield universe. Today, we can confirm that it is true (via Slash Films). Overlord, set on the eve of D-Day, follows a group of American paratroopers who are dropped behind enemy lines […]

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‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Trailer Reminds Us Creating Smart Sharks Is A Terrible Idea

    Earlier this year we reported that a sequel to 1999’s killer shark movie Deep Blue Sea was in the works. The sequel, which filmed this summer in Cape Town, South Africa, has received a 2018 release and an R rating for “creature violence, gore, and for language”. The trailer has swum in (via IGN) and proves once again that […]

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Mike Flanagan To Adapt Stephen King’s ‘Shining’ Sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’

  Stephen King adaptions show no sign of slowing down. Next up is King’s Doctor Sleep, the sequel to ‘The Shining’ with Mike Flanagan at the helm. Back in December Flanagan mentioned during an interview that after his Gerald’s Game adaption, he would love to adapt ‘Doctor Sleep’. According to Deadline, his wish has been […]

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New ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Trailer Is Filled With Giant Monsters

  Pacific Rim Uprising‘s new action-packed trailer has arrived and it’s filled to the brim with giant monsters.   In the sequel, “The globe-spanning conflict between otherworldly monsters of mass destruction and the human-piloted super-machines built to vanquish them was only a prelude to the all-out assault on humanity in Pacific Rim Uprising.”     John […]

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‘Godzilla: King Of Monsters’ Star Says The Movie Is Something You’ll Never Forget

  Godzilla: King of Monsters, from Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Daugherty, is set to arrive in theater in 2020. Co-written by Daugherty and Zach Shields, the film is the next installment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse and will set the stage for Godzilla’s battle with King Kong. King of Monsters will follow the heroic efforts of […]

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