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After Watching This Short Film You’ll Think Twice Before You Take A Selfie Again

We all know at least one person who is addicted to taking selfies, I mean there’s actually a market for those ridiculous selfie sticks.  After watching the short film ‘Selfie From Hell’, you may think twice about taking a selfie again. ‘Selfie From Hell’ follows a woman taking a selfie for her boyfriend, but there’s […]

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Crypt TV Where “Weird Is Good” And Horror Is King

“Weird is good”, that’s the motto of Crypt TV, a place where short films rule and creativity flourishes. The site not only airs short films in the horror genre, it also contains original content, such as “Real Scares” that features people recounting their true scary experiences . Crypt TV’s originals also includes a series titled […]

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Hilton Ariel Ruiz’s Short Film ‘6/6/66’ Now Featured On Crypt TV

Hilton Ariel Ruiz has been busy. Between making the Zombie with a Shotgun comic and the short, plus the full length film, you would think there was no time for anything else, but you would be wrong. Ruiz also has made ‘6/6/66’ , a short film, which is now featured on Eli Roth’s Crypt TV , a network […]

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A Look At The Australian Short Film ‘Waterborne’

  ‘Waterborne’, an Australian short film tells the story of a ranger, who is out testing the water supply of a small Australian town. The ranger is forced to stop his truck on an empty dark road, to keep from hitting a kangaroo in his path. Suddenly the ranger is under attack by a crazed beast that […]

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Patricia Chica’s Short Film ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’

Award winning director Patricia Chica has created a new dark but beautiful short film titled ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’, starring Jenimay Walker. The short film is making it’s rounds at film festivals now. ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’ recently took home the award for ‘Best Short Film’ from The Magnolia Film Festival in Mississippi. Chica’s short films ‘The Promise’ (2000) […]

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