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‘Conjuring’ Short Film Winner ‘The Nurse’ Announced (Watch It Here)

Last month, a short film contest for Annabelle: Creation (review), from director David F. Sandberg, was announced. Filmmakers were asked to create a short film, lasting 2 minutes or less, that would fit into The Conjuring universe. Filmmaker Julian Terry’s The Nurse has been named the winner for the US portion with his film The Nurse. […]

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neill blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp Takes Us Inside The Worlds Of ‘Rakka’, ‘Firebase’ & ‘Zygote’ In An Interview

  Writer-director Neill Blomkamp, who is behind films such as District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, is in the process of releasing a series of incredible short films, Rakka, Firebase, Zygote and the yet to be released Lima, together they are known as The Oats Studios Volume 1. After the series is complete, one or more […]

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A First Look At Wesley Alley’s ‘SockMonster’ – Produced By The Director Of Saw II – IV

  Wesley Alley, the co-director of  the upcoming genre film The Voices, who has worked on films and series such as Kong: Skull Island, Twin Peaks, Teen Wolf, is currently working on his next project, the short horror film SockMonster which he not only directed, but also wrote. Briana Evigan, Brian C. Chenworth and AnaSofia Bianchi […]

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Sigourney Weaver Again Battles Otherworldly Menace In Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Rakka’

After Neill Blomkamp‘s failed attempt at adding a fifth installment to the ‘Alien’ franchise, the visionary sci-fi director announced the creation of his own film production company, Oats Studios. The first offering from the studio is the short ‘Rakka’, a gritty, post-apocalyptic alien invasion film set in the near future. The film opens somewhere in […]

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dead air 3

Geoff Harmer Announces Proof Of Concept For Creature Feature DEAD AIR

  Award-winning director Geoff Harmer’s short horror film Selfie is still making its rounds at film festivals will soon be joined by his next project, a female-driven horror-comedy he has just announced, titled Dead Air, written by award-winning filmmaker Peter Hearn (Scrawl). The short film will be used as a shop window for the feature film […]

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