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Five Terrifying Short Films From The Writer-Director Of Lights Out

David F. Sandberg’s name should sound familiar, he recently directed the genre hit ‘Lights Out’ (review). Before the blockbuster film, produced by James Wan, came to be there was the short film ‘Lights Out’, from Sandberg and it has racked-up over 13 million views on YouTube. The brilliant writer-director has several other terrifying short films, […]

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Technology And Terror Meet In The Short Film NightmARes

  As technology evolves so does the creativity of horror filmmakers. In director James Mansell’s high tech short horror film ‘NightmARes”  we witness a young woman’s augmented reality experience go horribly wrong. Victoria Morrison stars as Victoria. Tom, Victoria’s boyfriend, is played by Ashley Pekri. “Seth Sherwood (Leatherface) is interested in adapting and turning it […]

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WTFLOL Productions Presents The Purge: Trump Edition

  As the presidential election draws closer things are heating up in the world of politics. Donald Trump has become famous for his outrageous comments on everything from Mexicans to women. WTFLOL Productions presents ‘The Purge: Trump Edition’, from writer-director Fredrick Blake Studwell, inspired by those comments and meshes them with a parody of ‘The […]

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Review – PIGSKIN Gives A Brief But Chilling Glimpse At The Horrors of Body Image

PIGSKIN Directed by Jake Hammond Written by Jake Hammond and Nicola Newton Starring – Isadora Leiva, Pablo Gonzalez, Isabella Groff, Luke Evans and Julie Moss Laurie Vernon, at first, second and even third glance, appears to be a normal healthy teenage girl. She’s on the cheerleading squad and seems to be well liked. However she […]

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