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Solace Starring Anthony Hopkins And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Uncovers New Trailer

  After a long wait, ‘Solace’, originally a sequel to ‘Se7en’, is finally coming to theaters . Today, the brand new trailer has arrived. The psychic film was directed by Afonso Poyart and penned by Ted Griffin and Sean Bailey. The film stars Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish, and Marley Shelton. […]

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Netflix Acquires The Worldwide Rights To The South Korean Disaster Film Pandora

  Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to  ‘Pandora’, the South Korean nuclear thriller, Variety reports. ‘Pandora’ comes from the producers behind ‘Train to Busan’, the acclaimed post-apocalypse zombie film released earlier this year. In the film, a “worker at a nuclear power plant must save the day after an earthquake damages the facility and threatens to […]

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From The Team Behind ‘Annabelle’ Comes ‘Wolves At The Door’ – Inspired By The Manson Family Murders

  Director John R. Leonetti and screenwriter Gary Dauberman, the team behind 2014’s ‘Annabelle’, are back with a Manson Family inspired tale, ‘Wolves At The Door’. This home invasion film is a retelling of the night when member’s of Charlie Manson’s cult members broke into the home of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant […]

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The House of Screaming Death – The Identity of The Architect is Revealed

The folks at Lightbeam Productions and Pat The Bull Films have been somewhat mum in regards to their upcoming horror anthology, The House of Screaming Death, but they do have a bit of exciting news to share. Ian McNeice (From Hell, White Noise, The Black Dahlia) has joined the project thus finally answering the question […]

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Road to Death House Part 4: Open Letter

  Friday. November 11th. Death House is officially done.  Like the 2016 election, it will soon be in the hands of the people to make their decision. Hear my personal views on this film at 22:30 here on Postmortem Radio just published Nov. 8, 2016: HERE Postmortem Radio Episode 016 – Inside the Death House […]

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From The Director Of Tales Of Halloween Comes It Watches – Out On VOD This December

  Director Dave Parker’s “unpredictable terror tale”, ‘It Watches’, will premiere this December on Digital HD from Uncork’d Entertainment. The film follows a man house sitting who gets the feeling something is watching him after unexplained events begin to occur. Ivan Djurovic (Zoombies), Rick Irwin (30 Minutes or Less), Sanny van Heteran (Hellraiser: Revelations) and […]

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Aliens Disguised As Creatures Wreak Havoc In The New ‘Cute Little Buggers’ Trailer

  From the creator of ‘Deadtime’ and 2015’s ‘Crying Wolf’ comes the creature feature ‘Cute Little Buggers’. The third trailer has just been released for this fun film, directed by Tony Jopia. When hostile aliens crash land on local farmland in the English countryside. Villagers get suspicious when all the women begin to disappear. The […]

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