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New Documentary ‘Hail To The Deadites’ Explores The Fandom Of ‘The Evil Dead’

With Bruce Campbell returning to his role as Ash Williams in the new STARZ series ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’, fans of the of the original 1980 film have been ecstatic. Now, a documentary, ‘Hail to the Deadites’, from Digger Films and directed by Steve Villeneuve, will celebrate the fans of the franchise and series that […]

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New Featurette Gives A Behind The Scenes Look At Victor Frankenstein

Daniel Radcliffe (Horns, Harry Potter) will be starring as Igor in the up coming movie ‘Victor Frankenstein’ along side James McAvoy (X-Men: Days of Future Past), who will be playing the role of Victor Frankenstein. Unlike in most ‘Frankenstein’ movies, the friendship between young Victor and Igor will be explored. The friends, still in medical school, […]

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A Group Of Friends Experimenting With EVP Open A Door Way To The Other Side In ‘Trace’

Terror Films has just released their supernatural film ‘Trace’ on VOD, iTunes, Vudu, dish networks and Redbox, with a full release later this year. The film follows a group of friends, experimenting with Trace Phenomena, a type of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). After trying to make contact with a spirit at a party, the friends […]

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A Whole New Thing: When a Remake Isn’t a Remake

The Thing, 2011, is NOT a remake. It is a prequel. I just did more than the entire Universal Studios marketing department with that clarification.   John Carpenter got royally screwed on his 1982 masterpiece. Some call The Thing his greatest film. Others, like me, call it one of the greatest films ever made for […]

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Billy Zane And Vanessa Angel Are Having ‘Trouble Sleeping’

The psychological thriller ‘Trouble Sleeping’ stars Billy Zane, Vanessa Angel, Rick Otto, Ingrid Eskeland, Kale Clauson and Fred Stoller. The film was directed by Robert Adetuyi,   ‘Trouble Sleeping’ follows Justin, just cleared by his psychiatrist, as he comes to live with his stepmother and her new husband. It just so happens, in two weeks […]

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The Funhouse Massacre Will Descend On Select Theaters November 13th

A group of maniacal serial killers break out of the asylum to have some fun on Halloween in ‘The Funhouse Massacre’. Starring horror legend Robert Englund, Jere Burns, Clint Howard, Scottie Thompson and Courtney Gains and was directed by Andy Palmer . Unfortunately, the movie will not be released in time for Halloween, but will […]

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The Legend Of Mothman To Be Explored In The Found Footage Film Moth

  An enthusiastic lecturer and her students travel to Europe in search of the mythology and a hopeful sighting of Mothman, but soon the group is in a fight for survival.     Gergo Elekes and Jozsef Gallai co-directed ‘Moth’, written by Gallai and Lidia Szabo. ‘Moth’ stars Jozsef Gallai, Lidia Szabo, Kata Tabori, Balint […]

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Soon You Will Be Able To Watch ‘The Visit’ From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’ will make you think twice about spending time with your elder family members. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions along with Mark Bienstock (See No Evil 2)  serve as producers for ‘The Visit’. Ashwin Rajan (Wayward Pines) and Steven Schneider (Insidious 1 and 2) are labeled as executive producers. Kathryn Hahn […]

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