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Movie Review: ‘Bonejangles’ Is A Bungled Attempt At Horror Comedy.

Edgar Friendly Jr. aka Bonejangles is ion the loose and a small tow police force has dispatched all units in an attempt to bring him in. After a brief fracas and the expenditure of nearly all of the towns police force, a few surviving officers manage to subdue the murderous juggernaut. Now these few remaining […]

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Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark Releases Book

Any horror fan knows the iconic character of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.  From her witty double entendres to her revealing double….well, you know.  She is scary, fun, sexy, morbid, funny, and everything else horror should be! To celebrate her phenomenal 35 year (and ongoing) career, everyone’s favorite mistress is releasing a hardcover book with […]

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Get An Eyeful Of The Artwork For, ‘SLAW’

As you Little Monsters may remember, a few months back I reviewed a crazy horror-comedy containing cabbage and carnage called SLAW…please forgive the lengthy alliteration.  In advance of the film’s VOD release in October, the folks at Green Apple Entertainment have revealed the artwork for the film’s poster. Now, y’all know the drill, click on […]

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night of something strange

Exclusive Clip And Trading Card Unveiled From ‘Night Of Something Strange’

  “Warning! Certain promotional materials may be too nauseating and disturbing for some of our more mildly tempered audience members! Proceed at your own risk!!!” The upcoming zombie film Night of Something Strange is running a unique promotion that sends genre fans on a mission, to collect 8 digital trading cards that will be released […]

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‘ALTAR’ Appears on VOD

Found Footage Festival hit Altar, after a successful limited theatrical run, is now set for VOD. As of July 1rst, Altar will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation Network, and on Hulu.   “Altar is the terrifying story of a group of college classmates who get lost driving to a reunion campout in the […]

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