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The only proven case of a Voodoo Zombie.

The Voodoo Zombie

In 1932 the film White Zombie introduced the world to the Haitian Voodoo Zombie. The movie, staring Bela Lagosi told the story of of a young man who turns to a Voodoo witch doctor to lure the woman he has fallen in love with from her fiance, but the witch doctor instead turns her into […]

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An Interview With A Walker

An Interview With A Walker

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a Walking Dead Walker? Recently I had the pleasure of having a talk with a very nice gentleman and Walker by the name of Larry Mainland. His name may not be familiar but his work as a popular walker in The Walking Dead […]

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That’s right, WWZ 2 is already in the works! It’s being produced by Plan B Entertainment under Paramount Pictures. WWZ 2 is set to be released the summer of 2015. The reason for the delay is due to the toll filming and production took on Brad Pitt.  The first WWZ was plagued with problems, like expensive […]

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Rick Swift

Zombieland – Review

Swift shot: Zombie flicks and me usually don’t get along well, when they are seriously driven, but Zland doesn’t take itself too seriously – it is just a sweet ass ride, one that you will want to experience again and again.  You’ll want to bring different people with you to gauge their reactions, see if they […]

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