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Horror Releases June 2015

    June looks to be a great month for horror fans. Be sure to check out our movie reviews! The Pyramid – Netflix It Follows – VOD Teen Wolf Season 4 – DVD Spring – DVD Demon Baby – DVD Infected – DVD The Poltergeist Of Borley Forest Monsters: Dark Continent -DVD Private Number […]

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Movie Review: [REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’, the follow up to 2012’s ‘[REC] 3: Genisis’, follows TV reporter Angela Vidal (Velasco) as she is  rescued from a quarantined, zombie infested building. Angela is then transported, along with the men who rescued her, to a converted oil tanker out at sea. The boat has been converted into a floating medical research […]

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’28 Weeks Later’ Is Finally Getting A Sequel

It’s been eight years since ’28 Weeks Later’, the sequel to ’28 Days Later’, was released. Now it seems a third movie in the franchise may actually be coming . The new addition to the zombie/outbreak franchise will be titled ’28 Months Later’. The idea for the sequel came to Alex Garland, who wrote the script […]

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Nazi Zombies Attack In ‘Sky Sharks’

A team of geologists, deep in the Antarctic, uncover an old Nazi laboratory containing the remains of dark experiments. The scientists accidentally unleash a top-secret project, modified, flying sharks and their mutated, super-human zombie riders. The only force that can stop the mutated weapons are the “Dead Flesh Four”, a team of undead U.S. soldiers […]

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Movie Review: ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ (2014)

The mockumentary ‘What We Do In the Shadows’ follows a group of vampire flat mates through their night to night lives, their partying, hunting, the drama, issues with a werewolf pack, zombies and dating. Jemaine Clement plays the role of Vladislav, the Romeo of the bunch. Ben Fransham’s character Petyr is the oldest of the group, […]

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A Group Struggles To Survive In The Fast Paced Zombie Film ‘Another World’

Eitan Reuven makes his directing debut with the fast paced zombie movie titled ‘Another World’, written by Shlomi Aviner and Michael Birinbaum. In ‘Another World’ a group of survivors struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are fast and brutal, created by a biological weapon. ‘Anther World’ stars Zach Cohen (Essential Killing), Susanne Gchwendtner (The Quest), […]

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Andrew Gilbert’s Indie Zombie Film ‘Infected’

Andrew Gilbert’s indie zombie film ‘Infected’, also known as ‘The Dead Inside’, follows a group of survivors in a suburb during the spread of fast moving global zombie pandemic. The group finds shelter in an empty school, but as supplies dwindle and frustrations build members of the group begin to turn on each other. Those […]

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