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There Is Something Is In ‘The Woods’

When a family moves into a remote mill-house in Ireland they soon find themselves in a fight for survival against demonic creatures that live in the woods. Alan Archbold (Night Train), Stephen Cromwell (From the Dark), Joseph Mawle (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), Michael Smiley (The World’s End), ‘Drag Me To Hell’ actress Clare Hitchens and Michael McElhatton […]

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Rob Zombie Is Writing The New ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ Movie

Rob Zombie’s latest movie 31 has just finished filming and already has another project lined up. Zombie is listed as a writer for the upcoming ‘The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning’ as well as an actor in it.   The new ‘Hills Have Eyes’ movie is just entering the pre-production phase and is said to […]

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Another Blair Witch Movie Is Now In Production

The 1999 underdog hit ‘The Blair Witch Project’ broke new ground in the horror genre and brought “found footage” into the light. After one sequel and several documentaries, one documentary will be coming out later this year, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ still stands as a ground breaking film and now there is about to be […]

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Lionsgate Facing Lawsuit Over ‘Cabin In The Woods’

Lionsgate has come under fire for allegedly stealing the idea for ‘Cabin In The Woods’.   Peter Gallagher claims that 2012 movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ is based on his book ‘The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines’ and he’s claiming that ‘Cabin in the Woods’ producer and co-writer Joss Whedon is behind […]

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An Update On Cameron Romero’s ‘Night Of The Living Dead: Origins’

Earlier this year I reported that Cameron Romero is making a prequel to his father’s 1968 cult classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Since the article was published C. Romero has finished his successful crowd funding campaign for ‘Night of the Living Dead: Origins’. The film has now gone into pre-production. Cameron Romero had this […]

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‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Finally Has A Release Date!

  We have been waiting for the latest sequel to the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise for a while now. The movie was set to be filmed in 2014, but was delayed due Milla Jovonovich’s pregnancy. Earlier this year Jovonvich reported that, after delivering a healthy baby, she was ready to get filming under way. I’m happy […]

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‘Candy Man’ Director To Give ‘Frankenstein’ New Life

Bernard Rose, the writer/director behind ‘Candy Man’ and ‘Boxing Day’, has a new spin on the classic tale of Frankenstein. The new ‘Frankeinstein’ is set in modern day L.A. and is told from the monster’s point of view. Two scientists, husband and wife, artificially create a man. When the couple is unable to cope with […]

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