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Matt Smith Stars In The Apocalyptic Thriller ‘Patient Zero’

A super strain of rabies has caused a global pandamic, and the victims have turned into killing machines. Morgan (Matt Smith) has been infected, but remains asymptomatic. Morgan is left with the ability to communicate with both the infected and the healthy. He is now leading a group of survivor on a hunt for Patient […]

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Watch Out For ‘Zombeavers’

Over the past few years the zombie genre has grown in popularity, mostly thanks to ‘The Walking Dead’. We’ve seen zombies in every format, or have we? There’s a movie which is bringing a new twist to the zombie genre, from the producer of  ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘The Ring’ comes ‘Zombeavers’. The horror-comedy ‘Zombeavers’ follows […]

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A New Spoof Movie Is Coming For Our Zombies

Most of you have seen the spoof movies that mock some of our favorite horror movies, ‘A Haunted House’, ‘Scary Movie’ , plus the endless YouTube videos that crack jokes at our favorite character’s expense. Now there is a spoof coming after our zombies, walkers and ‘The Walking dead’, titled ‘The Walking Deceased’ . “… […]

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Movie Review : Fear Clinic (2014)

After a restaurant was attacked by a masked gunman several victims seek help from the Fear Clinic for the intense phobias they developed. Dr. Andover (Robert Englund) has developed a method of curing phobias through therapy and by using a machine he developed. After time goes by all the patients suddenly begin suffering from their […]

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