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Robert Kirkman Drops Huge Spoiler About The Death Of A Main Character And Negan

On Comedy Central’s quiz show @Midnight, hosted by Chris Hardwick on 12/11/2015 the guest lineup included Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Josh McDermittt (Eugene) and Robert Kirkman. There was a lot of joking around. In a segment Hardick asked the group to give “fake” spoilers about The Walking Dead. One example was “Beth comes back as a […]

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New Details Released About Bruce Campbell’s Groovy New Series ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’

Earlier this year we got the fantastic news that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were teaming up with ‘Starz’ to create a series based on the 1981 movie ‘Evil Dead’. Raimi directed the cult classic, ‘Evil Dead’, which starred the charismatic Bruce Campbell, who kicked deadite ass with a chainsaw for a hand. The fans […]

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From The Producer Of ‘Sinister’ Comes The Horror Thriller ‘Kristy’

  “There is a place on the internet where terror has no boundaries and every victim is given one name, Kristy” When a college campus is left almost empty over the Thanksgiving break, a young woman becomes the target of a group of strangers out for blood. The group is not only stalking Justine. They are tormenting her and the […]

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John Carpenter To Remake Escape From New York

The 1981 classic ‘Escape From New York’, starring Kurt Russell, is being remade. Horror master John Carpenter is the Executive Producer of the movie. After a bidding war over the film, 20th Century Fox will produce the remake. Condemned criminal, Snake Plissken is sent to the island of Manhattan, which has been designated as a “danger zone” and […]

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New Details On Season Two Of Penny Dreadful

    ‘Penny Dreadful’ sucks you into a world where figures from the world of  classical literature come to life in a dark and beautiful world. The show is absolutely incredible. The literary characters and story blend so well together and Eva Green’s performance in ‘Penny Dreadful’ is truly mind blowing.   In the show, the lovely Vanessa Ives (Eva Greene)  battles […]

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A Look At The Indie Horror ‘The House Of Screaming Death’

‘The House Of Screaming Death’ is an indie horror anthology, reminiscent of the Gothic horror films of the 1970’s. The film is narrated by a mysterious stranger known only as “The Architect’ and is designated into four eerie tales. Each segment is introduced ‘The Architect’ in front of an audience gathered in an old abounded […]

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