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Watch Out For ‘Zombeavers’

Over the past few years the zombie genre has grown in popularity, mostly thanks to ‘The Walking Dead’. We’ve seen zombies in every format, or have we? There’s a movie which is bringing a new twist to the zombie genre, from the producer of  ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘The Ring’ comes ‘Zombeavers’. The horror-comedy ‘Zombeavers’ follows […]

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Patricia Chica’s Short Film ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’

Award winning director Patricia Chica has created a new dark but beautiful short film titled ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’, starring Jenimay Walker. The short film is making it’s rounds at film festivals now. ‘Serpent’s Lullaby’ recently took home the award for ‘Best Short Film’ from The Magnolia Film Festival in Mississippi. Chica’s short films ‘The Promise’ (2000) […]

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Ryan M. Andrews’ Horror Movie ‘Save Yourself’

Filmmaker Ryan M. Andrews, director of the indie horror ‘Sick: Survive The Night’, is back with ‘Save Yourself’. Andrews’ new film stars Ry Barrett, Bobbie Philips,Tianna Nori and three of horror’s Canadian scream queens, Tristan Risk  (American Mary), Jessica Cameron (Truth Or Dare) and Sydney Kondruss (The Drownsman). Five female filmmakers are in route to a […]

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Steven Lanthripp’s Short Film ‘The Last Dinner’

Writer, actor, director Steven Landthripp has a cool Indie short film to share with the world titled ‘The Last Dinner’. You may not realize it, but odds are you have seen Steven Lanthripp on TV or in a movie He has been in many titles, including shows like: ‘Workaholics’, ‘Arrested Development’,  ‘Parks and Recreations’  and […]

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‘Innocence’ Adapted Form The Book By Jane Mendelsohn

Sixteen year old Beckett (Sophie Curtis) and her father novelist Miles Warner (Linus Roache), have moved to Manhattan after the death of her mother. Beckett’s depression and hallucinations have become more severe after starting at an exclusive high school. The strange disappearances and deaths of her fellow students lead Beckett to discover that her school […]

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Chad Archibald’s Supernatural Horror ‘The Drownsman’

Madison (Michelle Mylett) has developed a severe case of hydrophobia (fear of water) after  almost drowning. Madison’s fears soon manifest into terrible visions of an evil figure (Ry Barrett). Four of Madison’s friends (played by Caroline Palmer, Gemma Bird Matheson, Sydney Kondruss and Clare Bastable) have come together to try to find a way to […]

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