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Darksiders II Coming To PlayStation 4

Darksiders II, originally released three years ago, for gaming consoles. Now, according to Amazon, the game is coming back in a new edition, referred to as the “Deathinitive” for PlayStation 4. The game will have remastered graphics and a few other upgrades. The going price presently stands at $39.99 and will be out later this […]

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stung 3

Release Date Set For ‘Stung’, Starring Clifton Collins Jr.

Mrs. Perch (Eve Slantner), a wealthy woman with a green thumb, has been putting her special illegally imported fertilizer on her precious plants. She has no idea that the special fertilizer has been seeping into the ground and that a swarm of killer wasps have made their hive right in the path of the chemicals. […]

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A Look At Romain Casset’s Artistic Horror Film ‘Horsehead’

In this artistic horror film Jessica, played by Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, returns home for her grandmother’s funeral, she is plagued by intense nightmares of a creature with a horse’s head. As Jessica navigates through the nightmares she begins to uncover sinister secretes. ‘Horsehead’ stars ‘City of the Living Dead’ actress Catriona MacColl, Murray Head (Heartbeat), Gala […]

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The 1983 Serial Killer Film ‘Angst’ Is Coming To DVD

Gerald  Kargl’s 1983, slightly insane, horror movie ‘Angst’ aka ‘Schizophrenia’ will be re-released on DVD later this summer. For those of you who haven’t seen this serial killer flick, let me fill you in. After serving time in prison for the murder of an elderly woman, a killer (played by Erwin Leder) with serious mommy […]

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Max Greenfield Is Checking Into The ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

You might recognize Max Greenfield from the hilarious FOX series ‘The New Girl’, about a group of roommates. On the show he plays the egotistical, slightly neurotic, but funny, character Schmidt. Greenfield’s new role is much darker. Greenfield is checking in the ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’. ‘American Horror Story’ co-creator Ryan Murphy announced via Twitter […]

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