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Three Strangers Struggle To Survive The End Of The World In ‘Z For Zachariah’

After the nuclear war, a young woman, surviving in an untouched town, believing for a year that she may be the only survivor, until one day she stumbles upon a scientist. The scientist, effected by radiation and nearly driven mad, has been on a desperate search for survivors. The two begin to build a fragile […]

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‘Meg’ Finally Heading To Production

The long awaited monster shark movie ‘Meg’ is finally moving forward. The script for the movie, based on Steve Alten’s book series ‘Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror’, will be written by Dean Georgaris, who also wrote the script for ‘The Manchurian Candidate’. The novel series follows a deep sea diver named Jonas Taylor. Taylor […]

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James Cullen Bressack’s ‘Bethany’

Jame Cullen Bressack, director of such movies as ‘Pernicious’ and ‘Virus of the Dead’, is back with a new film titled ‘Bethany’. ‘Bethany’ follows Claire (Stefanie Estes) as she moves back into her childhood home with her husband. Soon after she moves in the traumatic memories of her childhood abuse, at the hands of her […]

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A First Look At The Indie Zombie Film ‘State Of Desolation’

‘State of Desolation’, written and directed by Jim Towns, follows two survivors, a mercenary and a pampered woman, as they try to survive the apocalypse. Not only do the two have to face other survivors, but also legions of the undead. This apocalyptic zombie thriller stars Jamie Bernadette, Craig Stark, Dominique Swain, Sadie Katz, Jessica […]

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Bruce Campbell & John Malchovich Take On Zombies In ‘Call Of Duty’s The Exo Zombies’

  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a new downloadable game mode titled ‘The Exo Zombies’, available in each DLC pack.   Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, in ‘The Exo Zombies’ chapter you get to see Bruce Campbell , John Malkovich, Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton and Jon Bernthal in fighting action. […]

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Zak Bagans’ ‘Demon House’ Documentary Has Wrapped Production

Many of the paranormal community, and the fans of the paranormal series ‘Ghost Adventures’, have been eagerly awaiting the documentary film ‘The Demon House’, well good news, the film has officially wrapped up production. For those of you who are just now hearing about the project, let me explain. ‘The Demon House’ documentary revolves around […]

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From The Director Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Comes ‘Exeter’

Six teenagers, looking for a secret place to party, hold up in an abandoned asylum. The teens accidentally let loose an angry spirit, intent on hunting down, possessing and killing the teens one by one. Marcus Nispel, behind films such as the 2003 ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ remake and 2009’s ‘Friday the 13th’, took a step […]

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