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Patrick Wilson And Kathrine Heigl Star In The Horror Comedy ‘Home Sweet Hell’

Don Champagne seems to be living “the American dream” , but things aren’t quite what they seem. Don made the mistake of having an affair, when his lovely wife Mona finds out, she will do what ever it takes to maintain their storybook life, including committing murder. ‘Insidious’ actor Patrick Wilson, plays the role of […]

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diabolical 2

‘The Diabolical’ Starring Ali Larter

Madison, a single mother and her two children are the targets of intense paranormal activity. Madison contacts paranormal experts, but they are too frightened to face the entity. Madison’s scientist boyfriend  Nikolai sets out o destroy the violent spirit. Madison is played by ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ actress Ali Larter. Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie) plays Nikolai. […]

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muck 1

Anchor Bay’s ‘Muck’

Anchor Bay’s newest release ‘Muck’ follows a group as they are trying to survive the night and avoid a dark entity. After they make their way through the muck, they’re bloody, and bruised. They’ll soon be wishing they were dead. Steve Wolsh wrote and directed ‘Muck’, which reminds me of the horror flicks from the 1970’s […]

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