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Lethal Injektion Releasing New LP on the 15th

     Known for their terrifying music videos (one which starred Horror Fuel favorite Samhain) and rocking beats, band Lethal Injektion will be released their brand new LP ‘Judgement Night’ on the 15th. Killer Clowns with giant nose rings aside, Lethal Injektion is a pretty kickass band, with a sound that reminds me of a […]

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Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes ruined the summer 2017 boxoffice. The New York Times published this article on film review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes (read here). The site has been around almost twenty years. I was first introduced to it back in 2003-2004. As the Internet gained more of a foothold, Rotten Tomatoes expanded its base; and now, […]

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‘Origin Of Everything’ Series Delves Into Killer Clowns In Premiere Episode (Watch)

  For many people, Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) is all too real. No matter if the fear was triggered by Stephen King’s IT, a childhood trauma, or when serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s crimes became public, the fear is understandable. There is something inherently disturbing about someone hiding behind colorful makeup. The first episode PBS’ new digital […]

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‘The Conjuring’ Franchise Hit With An Almost Billion Dollar Lawsuit

  While the new Conjuring universe may be continuing to expand, Warner Bros. may be in hot water. They have been hit with a massive lawsuit. In 1980, Gerald Brittle penned ‘The Demonologist’ for Ed and Lorraine Warren. Part of the deal between Brittle and the Warrens was that any future films that featured the […]

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VHS collection

In Support Of VHS

I’m an old soul.  I like hot rods, I buy music on vinyl (and I did long before it suddenly got cool again), I smoke a pipe (though I’ve cut way back).  My point is that I often dismiss the modern comforts of technology in favor of nostalgic methods. The same goes for the way […]

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Waxwork Records Releases Special Edition ‘Creepshow’ Soundtrack On Vinyl

In 1982, ‘Creepshow’ was released.  If you haven’t seen this horror-anthology film, you need to stop reading this right now and go watch it…I’ll wait.   Waxwork Records has announced the release of a brand new special edition vinyl press of the soundtrack.   This deluxe 2017 re-press features high quality packaging with heavyweight old-style tip on […]

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‘HE Is Coming’ Original Short Story

HE is Coming   HE was coming and I knew HE would find me.  I looked around the house frantically. Panicked, I rushed around looking, searching, back and forth looking for a place to hide.  Time was running out.  HE was coming and I knew HE would find me.  I lived in the house, I […]

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