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Make Yourself A Batch Of Carol’s Cookies

The Walking Dead‘s Carol, played by Melissa McBride, is known  for two things, being a complete badass and baking. On last week’s episode Carol made cookies for her neighbors. With the food supply dwindling, she had to improvise, using acorns and beets. If you’re wondering what the cookies tasted like there’s a way to find […]

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the wave 2

Catch ‘The Wave’ This March

The trailer for the Norwegian disaster film The Wave has not had a lot of media attention yet here in the states yet, but I think it’s a film you should know about. Scientists have warned the residents in the village of Akneset that another tsunami could happen, but no one thought it would happen any […]

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Life Imitates Film With Lethal Consequence

Most horror fans have heard of or have seen The Gallows, which opened in theaters last summer. In the paranormal film, a young man died during a freak accident in a school production. On stage in front classmates and parents he was hung. The Gallows 2015 Now, that scene seems to have come to life. On […]

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