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The Oddience Of Genre Sinema

By: Richard Stringham the founder & CEO of S & Drive Cinema, an independent production company out of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Stringham is also the producer, writer, and director of ‘Close Calls‘, his horror feature debut.   “To avoid fainting, keep repeating: It’s only a movie… only a movie… only a movie… only a […]

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Something’s Brewing At Coven FX – Feast Your Eyes On Some Of The Perks Of Their Killer Campaign

  A group of talented women have teamed up to open Coven FX, an FX shop by women, for women. Their GoFundMe campaign has begun and we wanted to give you a taste of what these women have to offer.   Bailey Dukes, Miranda Riddle, Melissa Coulter (co-owner), Mary Rangel (model),  Haylee Detroit (co-owner), Angela Santori […]

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Clive Barker To Develop One Lucky Filmmaker’s Movie – Here’s How To Enter

  How would you like to have not only guidance on a project from legendary writer-director Clive Barker, but funding to make a film of your own as well? Here’s your chance! Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Clive Barker are launching “Reel Fear”, a contest whose winner will receive $300,000 and the mentorship of Barker […]

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The Necro Nom Nom Nomicon – Recipes For Those With A Taste For Both The Delicious & The Disturbing

If the Addams Family sat down to a meal, it wouldn’t surprise me to find Tye Lombardi  in the kitchen, cooking up “Finger Foods”, “Spinach and Garlic Pupae on Fungus”, “Oozing Popping Sweet Cherry Zombie Mouse Brains’, and  ‘Turkey with an Alien Chestbuster’. Sounds delicious, right?     Lombardi, the chef behind ‘The Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon’ […]

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