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Syfy Unleashes The Trailer For New Series ‘Ghost Wars’

  Syfy’s new supernatural series is titled Ghost Wars. The title snags your attention doesn’t it? What is really interesting is the fantastic cast which includes Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Rings), musician/actor Meatloaf (Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show), Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy, Officer Downe), Kristen Lehman (The Killing, Chronicles of Riddick), with Avan Jogia (Twisted, […]

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Interview: Picking The Brain Of Fatal Pictures Producer, Zach Green.

Hello again, my Little Monsters. Recently I had the pleasure of posing some questions to Zach Green, producer for Fatal Pictures, to gain insight on various…wait. What am I doing? I tell you what…how about we skip the preamble an you just take a gander at the interview? So without further ado… T. Love – […]

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Four New Clips Unleashed From ‘Bonejangles’ – On DVD And Red Box Later This Month

  Ahead of its Redbox and VOD release, four new clips have been unleashed for Bonejangles, from director Brett DeJager, based on the script penned by Keith Melcher.     Reggie Bannister, Elisa Dowling, Kelly Misek Jr., Julia Cavanaugh, Devin Toft, Jamie Scott Gordon, Lawrence Wayne Curry, and Hannah Richter star. In the film, “while […]

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Gravitus Ventures Warns ‘Don’t F*ck In The Woods’

  Gravitus Ventures has obtained the rights to the indie film Don’t Fuck in the Woods, from writer-director Shawn Burkett (Season’s Greetings). This 80’s style monster movie is about a bunch of college kids whose weekend turns deadly. Brittany Blanton, Ayse Howard, Roman Jossart, NAdia White, Hannah Herdt, and Brian Cornell star.   From the Press […]

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