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Maggie Starring Arnold Swarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in Maggie, a new zombie film which is set to hit theaters in early 2015. In the film Arnold plays Wade, the part of a father, who’s daughter Maggie, played be Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), has been infected by the zombie virus.   Knowing that there is no cure, Wade takes his daughter […]

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An Interview With Actor, Writer, Director, Keith Allan Of ZNation

  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Allan, who plays the lead role of Murphy on SyFy’s  Z Nation . This man is far different than the cold, abrasive character he plays on Z Nation. He’s funny and light hearted. Besides acting, Keith is a writer, director, producer and film maker. This is one talented man. […]

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Artist Spotlight – Chantal Handley

Chantal Handley, a very talented artist whose ability to capture the likeness her subject is truly incredible. Though Chantal has painted many subjects, her paintings of our favorite horror icons are drawing attention from the horror community. Although the Australian mother of four attended Griffith University and studied animation, she has never had formal art training. She […]

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Town Of The Living Dead

There is a small town in Alabama where the everyday life of it’s citizens has been consumed for the past 6 years with making their own independent zombie film. The film, “Thr33 Days Dead” , is about a group of friends trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in rural Alabama . The SyFy channel found the story so interesting that they […]

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Douglas Tait “The Creature Man”

You may not be aware, but you have seen Douglas Tait many times in many blockbuster movies, shows and commercials . Douglas is a talented actor, stuntman and award winning Producer and filmmaker. His ability to truly take on the persona of the character or creature he is playing, is unbelievable.  Douglas has  played a long list of creatures including Verlox […]

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Horror Remakes To Flood Theaters Over The Next Two Years

Is Hollywood running out of ideas? That’s what many fans are asking. Over the next two years we will be seeing an unheard of number of horror remakes, including the elite of  horror classics. It seems no movie is to sacred to be remade. Some Hollywood film makers are taking the saying “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to a whole new level. I’ve compiled a […]

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