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The True Story Behind The Annabelle Movie

On October 3rd Annabelle hits theaters. The movie, is based on the true story of a possessed doll. Annabelle made a cameo in The Conjuring (2014) ,but she has a true story all her own. Annabelle got a beauty makeover for the movie but the real Annabelle is actually a Raggedy Ann doll. Annabelle’s story […]

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Comic Review – Them by Alan Gandy & Bella Borden

For my first review on Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force I decided to scour Amazon for relatively recent releases. I especially wanted to check out things that have Kindle/ebook editions that are available for free via Kindle Unlimited. One reason is that I’m always looking for more ways to use my subscription, the other is that […]

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News About The Walking Dead Companion Series

The pilot for The Walking Dead companion series has finally been ordered and production will begin later this year. The series will be written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. The show, yet to be named, will take place in a different location and with different characters than The Walking Dead. It will begin with six main characters (listed below) […]

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PT isn’t you’re average “Playable Teaser” – it’s going to scare the crap out you

Attractive, isn’t she? She’s gotta  little dribble coming down her chin, but that’s nothing a handkerchief can’t handle. And just look at that smile. She may have some lockjaw issues, but boy is she happy to see you. That is, until she kills you by snapping your neck. This isn’t technically a review, considering that […]

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Maggie Starring Arnold Swarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in Maggie, a new zombie film which is set to hit theaters in early 2015. In the film Arnold plays Wade, the part of a father, who’s daughter Maggie, played be Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), has been infected by the zombie virus.   Knowing that there is no cure, Wade takes his daughter […]

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An Interview With Actor, Writer, Director, Keith Allan Of ZNation

  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Allan, who plays the lead role of Murphy on SyFy’s  Z Nation . This man is far different than the cold, abrasive character he plays on Z Nation. He’s funny and light hearted. Besides acting, Keith is a writer, director, producer and film maker. This is one talented man. […]

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