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‘Hardcore’ Is The Perfect Title For This POV Horror Action Thriller

STX Entertainment won the bidding for the indie film ‘Hardcore’ that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week with the final bid of $10 Million. The film is not like most of the movies we see from either Lionsgate or Universal, ‘Hardcore’ is fast paced horror action thriller, shot completely from the […]

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‘The 5th Wave’ Is Invading Theaters This January

‘Ray Donovan’ actor Liev Schreiber stars along side Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick Ass), Maika Monroe (The Guest) , Maggie Siff (Sons of Anarchy), Maria Bello (Demonic) and ‘The Conjuring’s’ Ron Livingston in ‘The 5th Wave’,  the biggest alien invasion film of 2016. In ‘The 5th Wave’ a deadly alien invasion begins on Earth. With each […]

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After Watching This Short Film You’ll Think Twice Before You Take A Selfie Again

We all know at least one person who is addicted to taking selfies, I mean there’s actually a market for those ridiculous selfie sticks.  After watching the short film ‘Selfie From Hell’, you may think twice about taking a selfie again. ‘Selfie From Hell’ follows a woman taking a selfie for her boyfriend, but there’s […]

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Robert Altman & Popeye vs. Cynema

To Clear A Few Things Up A few myths need to be dispelled about the 1980 Robin Williams film,  Popeye. It was NOT a boxoffice failure. It was made for 20 million and grossed well over 60 million. While deemed a “disappointment” by Paramount Pictures, it hardly failed.       2. It is NOT Robin Williams’s […]

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Ruby Rose And Four More Actors Join The Cast Of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Popular model/actress Ruby Rose of ‘Orange is the New Black’ has been added to the cast of the final film of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise along with four others. Today Screen Gems announced that along with Rose, Shawn Roberts , Iain Glen , Eoin Macken  and William Levy have joined ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’, […]

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New Trailer And Poster For The Last Witch Hunter

  Vin Diesel’s latest project is titled ‘The Last Witch Hunter’. The movie spans several genres, including horror and fantasy. The secret that witches are still among the modern day population eludes most people, but not the witch hunters.  Supernatural creatures are bent on unleashing The Black Death on the world, all that stands between the […]

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‘The Hollow’ Premiers Saturday As Part Of SyFy’s 31 Days Of Halloween

There was once a time when the SyFy Channel made decent original movies. Sonar Entertainment’s ‘The Hollow’ proves that they are still capable of original films that don’t require a huge amount of cheesy CGI and bad writing. In ‘The Hollow’ a small town is preparing for a bad storm on Halloween. What they are […]

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