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What We Do In The Shadows Getting A Sequel

Last years’  horror-comedy ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ was an international hit with horror fans. If you enjoyed the movie, we have good news, ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is getting a sequel! Jemaine Clement co-wrote the first movie and who played Vladislav, confirmed during an interview with ‘Stuff’ in New Zealand that […]

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‘Lost In The Pacific’ Coming Soon In 3D

Director Vincent Zhou’s upcoming film ‘Lost in the Pacific’ will go down in film history as the first English-language film to be made by a Chinese production company. The film explores the events surrounding a luxury transoceanic flight that goes down during an unexplained event. ‘Superman Returns’ actor Brandon Routh will star along side Zhang […]

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Nana Gouvea, Eric Roberts And Tom Sizemore Star In ‘Black Wake’

Jeremiah Kipp will be directing the independent sci-fi thriller ‘Blake Lake’, which was written by Jerry Janda. Well known Brazilian actress Nana Gouvea will be making her English language debut in ‘Black Lake’ and will star along side Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Rich Graff, Jeremy Beauchamp, Jeremy Fernandez, Kaylin Iannon and Kelly Rae LeGault. In the […]

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POD In Theaters This August

After a brother and sister, Ed and Lyla, receive a cryptic message from their brother,  they head to their family’s isolated lake house for an intervention. They aren’t prepared for the horror that awaits them at them snowy, ransacked lodge. When they see what he has locked in the basement, the realize their brother isn’t […]

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‘The Mummy’ Is Coming Back To Life In A New Universal Adaption

We reported last year that Universal will be remaking all of their classic monster movies. Plans are already in place for a ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon‘ remake, but also an adaption of ‘The Mummy’. ‘The Mummy’ is set to be released on March 23, 2017 and will be direct by Alex Kurtzman, with the screen […]

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‘Ouija 2’ Has Found It’s Director And It’s Star

The sequel to 2014’s supernatural thriller ‘Ouija’ has found it’s director. Flanagan is not only directing the sequel, but is also co-writing the movie’s script along with Jeff Howard. Flanagan and Howard have teamed up before, with 2014’s ‘Oculus’. Annalise Basso has signed as the star of ‘Ouija 2’. Basso will play the role of […]

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