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Zac Bagans’ Documentary On The Demon House Nears Completion

Zac Bagans, leader of the ‘Ghost Hunters’ paranormal research group, has stated that his documentary film ‘The Demon House’ is now in the last stages of post-production.   The Demon House documentary follows “The Ghost Hunters” investigation  of the Ammons House, known as “The Demon House”,  that Zak Bagans purchased from Latoya Ammons  last year for $35,000. […]

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Perception – A Look Into Blind Horror

The Deep End Games is trying something new in the genre of horror gaming. Much like other games, Perception puts a near defenceless character in a scenario filled with the unexplainable and the unsettling. However this time, your protagonist is blind. Yeah, you heard me, not deaf, blind. The story follows Cassie, a young woman who must use […]

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Video Game Review: Thief

“Thief” where do I begin? “Thief” is a 2014 reboot of the PC exclusive stealth series of the same name that was popular back in the 90’s. The series was loved for it’s open world, innovative stealth mechanics and a likable main protagonists. Unfortunately publisher Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal threw all that out […]

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Justin Long To Play A Paranormal Investigator In The Upcoming Film ‘Ghost Team’

The Orchard has acquired the distribution rights to Oliver Irving’s new film ‘Ghost Team’. The film was written by Irving and Peter Warren and stars Justin Long (Drag Me to Hell), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Amy Sedaris (Alpha House), David Krumholtz (This Is the End), Melonie Diaz (Be Kind Rewind) and Paul W. Downs (Broad City), […]

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Outlast 2 Confirmed

One of the scariest games of all time is getting a sequel! Although it was teased last year it wasn’t until this morning where Canadian game developer Red Barrels confirmed that they are making a sequel to their successful survivor horror game “Outlast” nicely titled “Outlast 2”. Not much information has been released other then […]

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A&E’s ‘The Enfield Haunting’ Makes It’s Way To Hulu

A&E’s three part miniseries ‘The Enfield Haunting’ is now available on Hulu. The miniseries follows the real-life events of the haunting of a family in London, in the fall of 1977. The series is also an adaption of Guy Lynon Playfair’s book “This House is Haunted’ that documented the events of the haunting in detail. ‘The […]

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The Official Trailer For Robert Kirkman’s Series ‘Outcast’ Teases Of The Horrors To Come

The full length trailer for ‘Outcast’ has been released and reveals a glimpse at an intense, supernatural series. The show, based on the adaption of Kirkman’s graphic novel by the same name, will star Patrick Fugit as the main character Kyle Barnes, a young man in search of answers to why he has suffered from demonic […]

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A Family Seeks To Connect With The Other Side In Their New ‘Dwelling’

Who would volunteer to move into a home that they know is haunted? The couple in 2015’s horror film ‘Dwelling’ did just that. The couple have moved into the haunted house in hopes of making contact with the other side, but the entity they make contact with may be much darker and more powerful than […]

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An Open Letter to New Line “Cynema”: Take A Stab At Something Different

To: New Line Cinema From: B Harrison Smith Re: Friday the 13th: Tommy Jarvis vs. Jason Vorhees Make Tommy vs. Jason. You’re sitting a goldmine. I am told the rights to Friday the 13th are a mess. Paramount owns some, you own some. Some are parceled out to TV while the films retain others and […]

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