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Game Review: ‘Resident Evil 3’

CAPCOM was awesome enough to allow me a chance to experience to see that regardless of what’s going on in the world right now, there could be zombies and a large bio-weapon chasing me! Of course, I’m talking about Resident Evil 3, the latest installment in the remake boom that came to the franchise last […]

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Lovecraft In Spaaaaace! Game Review: ‘Moons Of Madness’

Rock Pocket Games and Funcom have allowed me to play their Lovecraft inspired first-person horror game, Moons of Madness for the Xbox One. Moons of Madness has already been released on PC and received high praise by many before finally being released onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. In Moons of Madness, you take […]

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‘Remnant: From The Ashes’ Out Now In Physical Copies

THQ Nordic’s third-person survival game, Remnant: From the Ashes which has been out digitally on consoles and PC is now available in physical forms!         In Remnant: From the Ashes, players can team up and face new horrors plaguing the world after an apocalyptic event. Players will be facing monsters and epic […]

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‘Resident Evil 3’ Demo Coming VERY Soon!

CAPCOM announced today that fans (like me) who can’t wait for their upcoming reincarnation of one of their legendary titles Resident Evil 3, will be able to experience a demo that’s coming out this week! At the end of the demo, players will get to see the new trailer for the upcoming main game.   […]

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Horror Pack Is Having A Friday The 13th Sale!

In the March Pack LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY #45 Hurry! Less than 25 packs left! Subscribe to March Blu-ray now Subscribe to March DVD now (Almost out) Friday the 13th $13 HorrorPack Limited Edition Sale! $13 HorrorPack Limited Editions! Check out the sale at: 12-MONTH BONUSES Subscribe for one year of HorrorPack and get a bonus!  The […]

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E3 Is Canceled

If you’re following the recent events going on around the world and you’re a gamer, you probably already wondering if the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) the largest gaming event of the year will be affected.         It has been confirmed by E3 that yes, the 2020 event that was being held […]

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