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“Shadow of Evil” is the newest chapter in Call of Duty Zombies series

Light your cigars and load up your Tommy guns because the newest “Call of Duty:Zombies” mode was revealed yesterday at San Diego Comic-con and will put players into the 1940s and will star Heather Graham, Robert Picardo, Neal McDonough, Ron Pearlman and Mr. Brundlefly himself Jeff Goldblum. The gameplay itself still looks like it will […]

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Video Game Review: DeadRising 3

Dead Rising 3 came out 2 years ago as a launch game exclusive to the Xbox One, It’s the third installment in the “Dead Rising” series and aimed to not only improve the series but introduce “Next-Gen’ gaming to everyone and honestly it kind of did. The “Dead Rising” series has been about letting players […]

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AMC Launching An All Horror Streaming Service

AMC’s special Halloween program ‘Fear Fest’, along with the growing mainstream popularity of the horror and shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, have inspired the network to create a new, all horror, streaming service named ‘Shudder’. Horror fans can get ‘Shudder’ online for the low fee of $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. At the moment […]

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