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Dinosaurs clobbered the combined super hero talents of The Avengers. They also handed Schwarzenegger his T-800 ass. Interestingly all three films are bred from the same cynical experiment that might have started in JJ Abrams’s lab…repackaging. Cynema has evolved or been upgraded much like Arnie’s T800 at the end of the latest Terminator franchise. My […]

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‘Nosferatu’ Is Rising For A New Remake

  F.W. Murnau’s 1922’s vampire film ‘Nosferatu’ has long been considered a true classic. According to Variety, Studio 8 has acquired the rights to the film with the intent of remaking it. Robert Eggers, who wrote the script for the 2015 film ‘The Witch’, will pen the new version of ‘Nosferatu’. ‘Nosferatu’ follows Count Orlok, […]

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Paramount Has Ordered The Reboot Of ‘Pet Sematary’

The latest horror film to join the long list of remakes/reboots is the classic film, ‘Pet Sematary’. ’28 Weeks Later’ director Jaun Carlos Fresnadillo will be directing the reboot of ‘Pet Sematary’, which was based on the Stephen King novel by the same name. Jeff Buhler, who penned ‘The Midnight Meat Train’, wrote the script […]

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A New Updated Version Of ‘Blood Feast’ Is In The Works

Back in April we¬†reported¬†that a remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 ‘Blood Feast’was in the works. We now have new information about the remake. German director Marcel Walz (Plastic) will be stepping into Lewis’ shoes as director of the new movie. Robert Rusler will be playing the lead role of Fuad Ramses, a family man […]

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