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Movie Review: Number 37 (2018)

Randal (Irshaad Ally) has got his ass in some dire freakin’ straits; you see, he owes money to the local loan shark, Emmie (Danny Ross), who makes late payments a death sentence and to some thugs that have broken Randal’s back and left him confined to a wheelchair. As fate (and Hitchcock) would have it; Randal’s […]

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Movie Review: Possum (2018)

Phillip (Sean Harris), a disgraced puppeteer (are there any other kinds really…), returns to his childhood home, or to be more precise; his isolated, dilapidated former home set among the bleak and barren Norfolk landscape. Once there he reflects on his troubled childhood  and deals with his last surviving relative; a real son of a […]

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MFL - Dynasty Edition Art

Game Review: ‘Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition’

Football is one of the most popular sports in America, there’s just one problem…it’s slow, boring, and repetitive. Worse, the video games are the same! Well, Digital Dreams Entertainment & Nighthawk Interactive have made a game that makes the sport more exciting, “Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition”. This game is now available both for digital […]

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A Nightmarish Dream Come True: Review Of ‘Call Of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game’

It’s no secret, I’ve been waiting to wrap my tentacles around Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive’s game “The Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game”, I’ve waited patiently for the game’s release but the good folks at Focus Home Interactive gave me a copy, and all I can say about this game is wow! […]

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This Halloween Myers Meets Trump In Politically Incorrect Horror Comedy ‘President Evil’

  From Giant Meteor Films comes the Michael Myers-centric flick, President Evil, a parody of John Carpenter’s masterpiece,  horror comedy President Evil sees Michael Myers disguised as Trump as he hunts down victims in suburbia. Jose Rosete (The Walking Dead: Red Machete), Christopher Hutcherson (Dark), and Johanna Rae (Psychos) star in this politically incorrect flick written by […]

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POSTER - Death House

Movie Review: Death House (2017)

Agents Toria Boon (Cortney Palm) and Jae Novak (Cody Longo) partake in a virtual tour of a high tech prison named the Death House; an underground facility where prisoners are reformed via the use of holograms that let prisoners experience their past crimes again and again (using homeless folks for victims) for scientific study. Before long […]

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Movie Review: Krampus Origins (2018)

As World War I rages out of control; a group of doughboys find an ancient book…which gets sent back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. after the soldiers meet their end in battle. The tome ends up in the hands of the commanding officer’s widow…who teaches at a small-town orphanage populated by the kind of […]

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Movie Review: The Dark (2018)

Ol’ Josef Hofer (Karl Markovics) is one bad hombre, and he is hell bent to get to a remote location, in this case a supposedly haunted house, where he can lie low. Once there, he finds the arcane abode inhabited by a sole occupant; Mina (Nadia Alexander) who admits to being the “monster” the locals are on […]

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