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True Crime Documentary Beware The Slenderman Gets Premiere Date And Trailer

  We reported back in January that HBO, capitalizing on the current obsession with true crime documentaries like Netflix’s Making a Murderer, would soon release a dark documentary of there own titled Beware the Slenderman, from director Irene Taylor. Today, the television premiere date has finally been revealed as January 23, 2017 on HBO.   Beware the […]

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Spoon Fed Horror

Expect more from your entertainment. Don’t be spoon fed. Whether film, literature, music, even video gaming…refuse to be dumbed down. As I move over the half way point in post production for “Death House” I’ve had time to reflect on the film and wonder how it will be received. The latest news on yet another […]

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A Look At The Story Of H. H. Holmes America’s First Serial Killer On The Anniversary Of Death

Today marks the anniversary of the death America’s first and most prolific serial killers, Henry H. Holmes. Born on May 16, 1861, H. H. Holmes built a grand hotel, often referred to as “The Murder Castle”, which operated during the World’s Fair. The hotel was built with murder in mind.     Holmes’ “Murder Castle” had […]

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