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A First Look At Last Of Us, Inspired By A True Story

  The practical FX horror film Last Day (aka The Best of Me) has released its first images filled with demons and a dick that as a mouth and teeth. Yes, you read that right. Albania’s first horror film, from Domiziano Cristopharo, was inspired by the true story of Ricardo López, the man who stalked musician […]

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Three Indicted For Kidnapping Of Halloween’s Daisy McCrackin And Joseph Capone

On May 3, 2017, Halloween: Resurrection actress Daisy McCrackin and actor Joseph Capone were kidnapped from McCrackin’s home. Three people have now been indicted on charges of kidnapping. Prosecutors allege that two men, Keith Stewart and Johntae Jones, pistol-whipped Capone before dragging him into their vehicle along with McCrackin and covered their heads with black […]

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Japanese Twitter User Encounters A Creepy But Familiar Character

You may not know this but the fast food chain KFC is popular in Japan, especially the loveable grandfather-like mascot, Colonel Sanders. Japanese Twitter user @eastbighelp probably does not feel the same about the man anymore after their encounter with one of the many statues of Sanders that you may find in Japan. チャリ乗っててガチでうわーーって声出たわ […]

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Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Adds To Its Mind Blowing Cast

The cast for Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood continues to build for the film set at the time Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s “Family” members. Honestly, this is one of the most amazing cast lists we’ve seen in ages.     Damien Lewis, Emile Hirsh, Luke Perry, Dakota Fanning, Clifton […]

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Movie Review: King Cohen: The Wild World of Film Maker Larry Cohen (2017)

Starting at his cinema obsessed childhood and working it’s way into his existence as a true legend of exploitation cinema; King Cohen: The Wild World of Film Maker Larry Cohen is a fascinating look into the life and times of a comedian turned Director (and Writer…and Producer) responsible for some of the greatest titles our beloved horror […]

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Brian De Palma’s Next Horror Movie Inspired By Real Scandal

Industry heavy-hitter Brian De Palma has made his mark in the film industry with movies like Carrie (1976), Raising Cain, Dressed to Kill, The Black Dalia, Mission to Mars, Mission Impossible, and Scarface. Now, De Palma is working on a new script and his next project is a horror film, according to Indiewire. The film is inspired by […]

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