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Katherine Knight: Australia’s First Life-Imprisoned Woman

Mother…Wife…Neighbor…Murderer…Butcher…Frying pan enthusiast…possible cannibal…All of these things apply to the first woman in Australia ever to be sentenced to life without parole, Katherine Knight.   Katherine was born in 1955 as the result of an affair between her mother and her married father.  She witnessed rape and abuse all throughout her growing up years and […]

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‘Orphan’ Star Isabelle Fuhrman Boards Thriller ‘Tape’

Full Moon announced this morning that Orphan star Isabelle Fuhrman has boarded Deborah Kampmeier’s revenge thriller Tape. Fuhrman joins Thom Bishops (The Tale) and Annarosa Mudd in the film based on the true story of an innocent young actress, a producer and a woman looking for revenge. “Tape tells the story of a young, ambitious actress (Fuhrman), who […]

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The True Story That Inspired The Terrifying Film ‘Veronica’

Paco Plaza, the director behind 2007’s found footage flick [REC], is back with the Spanish horror film Veronica which has been all over genre sites since it arrived on Netflix earlier this month.     The reason the film is getting so much buzz, many viewers can’t finish watching the film because it’s so scary. One thing that adds to the reputation is the fact that it is […]

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Carl Tanzler: A Monster In Love

People fall in love.  People become infatuated.  People become smitten.  It happens to almost everyone; however, sometimes it goes too far.  For some people, it goes WAY too far.  Carl Tanzler, a German-born, maried doctor fell in love with a woman and was unable to overcome his feelings…even after her death. Born in Germany on […]

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The Park Full Of Monsters That Inspired ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

Near central Italy is the town of Bomarzo, a picturesque location in the Italian countryside that would be a fitting backdrop for a romance movie about forbidden love during the Second World War. In the town, there’s a park called Sacro Bosco (Sacred Grove) but it’s become known as Parco dei Mostri (Park of Monsters). […]

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