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“Clarice” Struggles To Move On In The New CBS Series Trailer

The first full trailer is here for “Clarice,” the spin-off series to The Silence of the Lambs that reveals FBI agent Clarice Starling has a new mission though she still struggles with the memories of her encounters with Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill.   The series takes viewers back to 1993, a year after the […]

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Brad William Henke Talks CBS’s “The Stand” In Our Interview

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you’ve heard that a new limited series adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand” is on its way. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the show’s cast, Brad William Henke, who plays the central role of Tom Cullen.   Of course, this is far […]

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First Trailer Debuts For ‘Silence Of The Lamb’ Spin-off Series “Clarice”

We reported earlier this year that CBS had ordered the new series “Clarice,” a spin-off of The Silence of the Lambs. We’ve got an update, the series is headed your way in early 2021. But that’s not all, we’ve got the first teaser trailer that gives us a glimpse of the infamous Buffalo Bill.   […]

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Witness The Full Trailer For CBS All Access’ “The Stand”

    CBS All Access‘ new series adaptation is headed your way this winter from director Josh Boone (The New Mutants). Today, we’ve got a new trailer that reveals a world divided between good and evil.   The 9-episode series adaptation of Stephen King‘s classic tale will air weekly and will feature a new ending […]

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Behold, The First Trailer For CBS All Access’ “The Stand”

      CBS All Access released the first teaser trailer today for director Josh Boone‘s (The New Mutants) 9-episode limited series adaptation of Stephen King‘s “The Stand,” set to premiere this December. In the 30-second video, we see survivors traveling through cities and farms. We also get a brief glimpse of  Mother Abigail and the […]

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CBS All Access Reveals Premiere Date For “The Stand”

    CBS All Access announced today that director Josh Boone‘s (The New Mutants) 9-episode limited series adaptation of Stephen King‘s “The Stand” is set to premiere this December.   The new series bring’s King’s tale of a world decimated by a plague and stuck in the middle of a battle between good and evil.  […]

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Marilyn Manson’s Cover Of “The End” For ‘The Stand’ Is Incredible (Listen)

Not only will rocker/actor Marilyn Manson be starring in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand“, he’s also contributing to the soundtrack. His cover of The Door’s “The End” for the CBS All Access series has been released and it’s incredible. Listen.     This is not the first cover Manson has rocked. He’s […]

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Heather Graham Joins CBS All Access’ “The Stand”

CBS All Access has added another name to the cast of their Josh Boon directed series adaptation of “The Stand,” Horns and The Hangover III actress Heather Graham, Deadline reports.   Graham is set to play the role of Rita Blakemoor, a wealthy woman who is not prepared for the end of the world and […]

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