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You Won’t Sleep After Watching ‘Before I Wake’

After their son passes away Jessie and Mark, decide to foster young Cody. Jessie and Mark soon discover that Cody has a special ability. Every time Cody closes his eyes, his dreams and nightmares materialize into reality.   You may have heard about ‘Before I Wake’ before, under it’s original name ‘Somnia’. I will fill […]

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‘Rock Paper Dead’ Has A Cast That’s To Die For

Michael Coulombe’s new film ‘Rock Paper Dead’ is based on the screenplay by Kerry Fleming and Victor Miller, the man who brought us ‘Friday The 13th’. The cast line up is incredible. ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ actress, Mikaela Hoover, plays the role of the lovely Ashley. Horror legend Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling, The Lords […]

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A Family Comes Face To Face With The Supernatural In ‘Infernal’

Sophia(Heather Adair) and her husband Nathan (Andy Ostroff) are happy as young parents. They have a beautiful young daughter named Imogine (Alyssa Koerner). It’s not long before their world begins to fall apart as Imogine begins some disturbing, and dangerous, behavior. As Imogine’s behavior becomes destructive, it becomes clear that there are forces at work […]

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