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‘Candy Man’ Director To Give ‘Frankenstein’ New Life

Bernard Rose, the writer/director behind ‘Candy Man’ and ‘Boxing Day’, has a new spin on the classic tale of Frankenstein. The new ‘Frankeinstein’ is set in modern day L.A. and is told from the monster’s point of view. Two scientists, husband and wife, artificially create a man. When the couple is unable to cope with […]

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Guillermo del Toro Making The Reboot Of ‘The Haunted Mansion’ Starring Ryan Gosling

  ‘The Haunted Mansion’, based on the ride at Disney parks, by the same name, has been talking about a reboot for a while, it  seems that a new movie is now finally going into pre-production. It seems Disney has roped in Guillermo del Toro , the entertainment genius behind ‘The Strain’, ‘Pans’s Labyinth’, ‘Hellboy’ and […]

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ZNation Gets Worldwide Distribution

Watch out world zombies are invading! Dynamic Television has closed the deal on the SyFy Channel’s hit zombie action/comedy series ‘ZNation’ that premiered in 2014. The series will now be shown around the world. France, Germany and South Korea will soon get to see ‘ZNation’.   Netflix also picked the international rights for ‘ZNation’. The […]

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‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Is Now In Production

The details about the fifth movie of the ‘Phantasm’ franchise, and the first ‘Phantasm’ in sixteen years  has  finally entered post-production. Most of the details about the movie have been kept quiet up to now. ‘Phantasm: Ravager’ has been in the hands of accomplished director David Hartman. Hartman’s resume includes Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords of Salem’, […]

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Planet Urth (Book 1) by Jennifer & Christopher Martrucci

Planet Urth (Book 1) by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci is different than the majority of the zombie fiction I have reviewed on Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force because it isn’t actually intended to be zombie fiction, but it still is a very interesting, relevant read for zombie fans. The world has changed. It’s dangerous, deadly. Inhuman creatures […]

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Nathan Reid’s Supernatural Horror ‘Prey: The Light In The Dark’

Producer Nathan Reid has  begun production on his latest film ‘Prey: The Light In The Dark’. Prey’ is based on the graphic novel series by the name ‘Prey: The Beginning’, created by Reid and written by Curtis Clark . This supernatural action film follows a criminal who is transformed into Prey, who can now speak with […]

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Joe Dante’s ‘Burying The Ex’ (2015)

Joe Dante, the director of ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Howling’, is back with a new twisted horror-comedy,  titled ‘Burying The Ex’. ‘Burying The Ex’ follows Max (Yelchin), a nice guy and his beautiful, but controlling girlfriend Evelyn (Greene). After moving in together the relationship soon goes down hill when he realizes just how overbearing Evelyn truly […]

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