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Movie Review: [REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014)

‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’, the follow up to 2012’s ‘[REC] 3: Genisis’, follows TV reporter Angela Vidal (Velasco) as she is  rescued from a quarantined, zombie infested building. Angela is then transported, along with the men who rescued her, to a converted oil tanker out at sea. The boat has been converted into a floating medical research […]

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‘Asmodexia’ Brings A New Exciting Twist On The Exorcism Genre

Exorcist, Father Eloy de Palma (Lluis Marco), is wandering the darkest places of the country with his granddaughter Alba (Claudia Pons), in search of those possessed by an entity known as  The Evil One. The Dark One is possessing the weakest members of society, children, addicts and mental patients. A cult is stalking Father Palma […]

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’28 Weeks Later’ Is Finally Getting A Sequel

It’s been eight years since ’28 Weeks Later’, the sequel to ’28 Days Later’, was released. Now it seems a third movie in the franchise may actually be coming . The new addition to the zombie/outbreak franchise will be titled ’28 Months Later’. The idea for the sequel came to Alex Garland, who wrote the script […]

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‘Abomination’ A Twisted Tale Of Murder And Mystery

A young woman is found, unconscious, in the street. The woman she claims to be was brutally murdered two weeks prior. Rachel (Tippy Dos Santos) flees the psychiatric hospital intent on proving who she is and finding out about the mystery surrounding her supposed murder. Yam Laranas (The Road) is serving as director for ‘Abomination’, […]

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Movie Review: Area 51 (2015)

‘Area 51’ was written by Christopher Denham along with Oren Peli, who also directed this found footage film. ‘Area 51’ follows three conspiracy theorist friends as they plot to break into Area 51. The friends are joined by a woman who has inside knowledge of the base. The guys break into the home of a […]

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A Look At The Characters Of James Wan’s Upcoming ‘The Conjuring 2’

Production on ‘The Conjuring 2’, which is said to be based on the events surrounding the “Enfield Poltergeist” that gripped a family in the late 1970’s in the borough of Enfield, England. James Wan will be directing ‘The Conjuring 2’. Wan is the director behind some of the most popular horror films of the past […]

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