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NBC’s Constantine

NBC’s new show “Constantine” is making big impressions on fans. The show is based on the graphic novel series “Hellblazer” and the writers have done an amazing job of transforming the novel into a show. The actors are a great fit to their characters and they could not have chosen a better actor to play Constantine […]

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FX To Bring Us “From Hell” Based On The Graphic Novel

  Recently there has been a surge in shows developed from graphic novels. We can now add another show to the list. FX is developing a series based on the graphic novel “From Hell” whose story revolves around Jack The Ripper and the “Whitechapel murders”.   “From Hell”, written by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, were published from 1989 to […]

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A New Movie and Tv Series For The Underworld Franchise

The Underworld franchise revolves around Selene, a tough ass kicking vampire, played by Kate Beckinsale. Selene’s battles members of her own clan and a Lycan (werewolf) clan to protect her hybrid love interest Michael . The franchise is set to begin on filming  “Underworld: Next Generation” early next year. The script for the movie is being written by Cory […]

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The Middle-Beast Syndrome

Have you actually sat through The Exorcist II? No one really likes Exorcist II. No one loves Insidious 2, and they still won’t when part 3 comes out. It’s tough being the middle child in a horror trilogy. Sci-fi? That’s a different story (Aliens, Empire Strike Back, etc). Horror has been less fortunate with trilogies. […]

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Little Slices of Death

If I gave you the choice of unloading a clip in a starving zombie or becoming one, I’m sure most would choose the former. It just sounds more fun. If you did want to experience zombification, there is a way to come close to that. As botanists know, you can zombify yourself by eating puffer fish that contain a certain […]

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An Interview With Actor, Writer, Director, Keith Allan Of ZNation

  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Allan, who plays the lead role of Murphy on SyFy’s  Z Nation . This man is far different than the cold, abrasive character he plays on Z Nation. He’s funny and light hearted. Besides acting, Keith is a writer, director, producer and film maker. This is one talented man. […]

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Town Of The Living Dead

There is a small town in Alabama where the everyday life of it’s citizens has been consumed for the past 6 years with making their own independent zombie film. The film, “Thr33 Days Dead” , is about a group of friends trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in rural Alabama . The SyFy channel found the story so interesting that they […]

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