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Haunted Tunnel

Haunted Japanese Tunnel You Can Visit (On Youtube)

      Youtube user TheJapanChannelDcom, an Australian now living in Japan with 98k subscribers, posts videos on his channel showcasing daily life in Japan. The Youtuber has video playlists for specific topics all intended to prepare and educate people who are planning to visit or move to Japan. His video posted on November 17th was a bit […]

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Is The Halloween Candy Poisoned? ‘Origins Of Everything’ Delves Into The Legend Behind Our Fear.

  Every year around Halloween, the same old fears surface. We’ve got to check the kids’ candy for poison, the apples for Razor Blades, and the candy bars for drugs. The reason, because since we were kids we’ve heard stories about the horrible things that supposedly happened to a friend of a friend. But how real […]

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"The Last One" episodic image. (Photo: Tim Brown/BET)

Check Out The Exclusive Trailer For BET’s First Horror Series ‘The Last One’

BET Digital is gearing up to release its first original horror series, titled ‘The Last One’, and we have the exclusive first trailer. In the series four friends stranded on the road. As they wait for help to arrive they begin to tell ghost stories that unlock terror. When a stranger appears they believe they are […]

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‘Origin Of Everything’ Series Delves Into Killer Clowns In Premiere Episode (Watch)

  For many people, Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) is all too real. No matter if the fear was triggered by Stephen King’s IT, a childhood trauma, or when serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s crimes became public, the fear is understandable. There is something inherently disturbing about someone hiding behind colorful makeup. The first episode PBS’ new digital […]

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Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: Jessica Cameron

So, my Little Monsters, I had an actress (who will remain nameless until next week) picked out for this week’s celebration of a wonderful Woman of Horror, BUT at the last minute I decided to changed direction completely. The previous actress I had chosen is well known to horror and mainstream audiences alike, so I […]

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fox ouija

New Web Series Spectralities Explores The Occult

A new web series titled Spectralities, from photographer Rik Garrett, explores the “historical exchange between art, science and the occult.” The first episode of the series centers on the famous Fox sisters. The Fox sisters supposedly could communicate with spirits. The sisters, Leigh, Margaret and Kate, began the Spiritualism movement in the 1800’s. The sisters […]

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crypt 2

Crypt TV Where “Weird Is Good” And Horror Is King

“Weird is good”, that’s the motto of Crypt TV, a place where short films rule and creativity flourishes. The site not only airs short films in the horror genre, it also contains original content, such as “Real Scares” that features people recounting their true scary experiences . Crypt TV’s originals also includes a series titled […]

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