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Blumhouse’s First Female Director Behind December’s Episode Of “Into The Dark”

    Hulu’s horror series “Into the Dark” has released three fantastic episode so far. The first details have just arrived for the fourth episode “New Year, New You“. The episode marks a big moment for Blumhouse. “New Year, New You” features Blumhouse’s first (ever) female director, Sophia Takal (Always Shine, Green, V/H/S). Back in October Jason […]

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Blumhouse’s Jason Blum Makes Headlines Over Remark Just Before Halloween Debuts

Only days before Halloween‘s arrival in theaters producer Jason Blum‘s name is making headlines and not in a good way. During an interview with Matt Patches of Polygon asked the head of Blumhouse about one flaw in the genre powerhouse’s eleven years, why Blumhouse has never released a film with a female director. Jason Blum’s […]

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Jamie Bernadette Talks Acting And The State Of Women In The Film Industry

I sat down with actress Jamie Bernadette who has a lot of films coming up, including two films out this April, 4/20 Massacre and Killing Joan. Bernadette gave us insight into the films and a look at what’s to come. Jamie also told us about what it’s like to be a woman in the film […]

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The Assassination of Tara Reid

“How many more years are [the media] going to pick on me? There’re other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else.” – Tara Reid Putting it on the table…why Tara Reid? “But I keep working. I keep moving,” she said. “I’m not going to let these people not let me work because I’m […]

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Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: Jamie Lee Curtis

Well, here we are, my Little Monsters, it looks as if we’ve all managed to survive yet another Halloween. In fact it’s something that we all have in common with today’s wonderful Woman of Horror. Back in 1978, today’s lovely and talented lady survived an encounter with the “boogeyman” on Halloween night and lived to […]

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Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: Sheri Moon Zombie

Hello my Little Monsters, I’m pleased to see that you have again returned to join me in celebrating another of our wonderful Women of Horror. We are less than one week from Halloween, and it just so happens that today’s lovely and talented lady played Michael Myer’s mother in Rob Zombie’s brutal remake of John […]

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Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: ‘Friday The 13th’ Contest

Here we are, my Little Monsters, not even two full days away from Friday October 13th. We only experience a Friday the 13th in October every six or seven years, depending on whether it’s a leap year, so I figured I would take this opportunity to celebrate a wonderful Final Girl of the Friday the […]

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