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CD Review – Midnight Syndicate Creates an Awesome Soundtrack to Zombies!!! The Board Game

Creating a soundtrack for a board game. How exactly does anyone do that? Well, one only needs to point said query to the masterminds/madmen behind Midnight Syndicate – Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka. Their most recent release, ZOMBIES!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack, offers a definitive answer to this question. Back in my D&D (which they […]

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Fear The Walking Dead: Captive’ RECAP

Last episode featured the Abigail being taken over briefly by a new breed of TWD self proclaimed “bad-asses” Connor and Reed’s crew. During the most recent episode which aired last night on AMC gave another dose of crazy as Reed turned into a zombie! Let me get’cha catched up Opening to Connor feeding Alicia a […]

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