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Britton October's Queen

Twenty-Four Horror Icons Team With Britton Buchanan For Music Video

  “The Voice’s” Britton Buchana has teamed with a mindblowing twenty-four horror icons for the new Halloween/horror-themed music video for “October’s Queen” which makes its debut now!    This “lip-sync” music video was filmed amongst twenty-four horror icons and Buchanan all from the safety of their own homes in the COVID-19 pandemic. With an emphasis on expressing […]

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the-lost-boys-original 1

Malcolm McDowell In Talks To Star In ‘The Lost Boys’ Musical

Back in 2017 musician G Tom Mac, whose song “Cry Little Sister” became iconic after being featured on The Lost Boys soundtrack, sat down with us for an interview. During our conversation, G Tom Mac went into detail about plans to turn the classic movie into a musical. It’s been a few years since then, […]

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first jason

First Jason Releases New Music Video “Kill For Mother” From New Album

    First Jason, the heavy metal band, led by frontman Ari Lehman, the first actor to ever play Jason Voorhees, has released the parody music video “Kill For Mother,” featured on their newly released album, “Lord of the Lake.” For more information on the band please visit their official website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, […]

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Metal Hellsinger KeyArt - 1920px x 1080px with logo

Headbang While Killing Demons In ‘Metal: Hellsinger’

Funcom and game dev The Outsiders today revealed their upcoming first-person shooter that pits players against demons while listening to heavy metal, Metal: Hellsinger.         Metal: Hellsinger is a Rhythm-FPS meaning that players shoot in time to the music the more effective their shots are plus the more intense the music becomes […]

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Ice Nine Kills Drops Parody Song In Honor Of ‘Friday The 13th’ & Mother’s Day

    With isolation and quarantine taking place around the world people are getting creative and hosting live-stream events. During the #FearlessAtHome event yesterday the horror-themed theatercore group Ice Nine Kills celebrated the 40th anniversary of the genre classic Friday the 13th with the debut of their song “Jason’s Mom“, a parody of “Stacey’s Mom”, […]

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Saturday Night Shockers Release “The Craft” Inspired Music Video “Blessed Be”

    Horror rock band Saturday Night Shockers has just released their new music video for the song “Blessed Be”, inspired the genre classic The Craft. It also includes allusions to the infamous Salem Witch Trials The theme of the video is “one of self-pride despite the oppression and discrimination over others. In other words, […]

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You’ve Been Listening To Songs Written By Charles Manson And Didn’t Know It

There is a lot of controversial music out there, but you may not know that cult leader Charle Manson had quite a musical career with his songs being covered by many big-name musicians and bands.    After listening to the album “Lie: The Love and Terror Cult”, Axel Rose thought “Look at Your Game Girl” […]

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The Slashstreet Boys

Who Is The Ultimate Slashstreet Boy?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s been a new boy band in town called The Slashstreet Boys, and they’re exactly what they sound like, slashers, well, famous Hollywood slashers that we all love. The YouTube channel The Merkins is home to the Slashstreet Boys who do parodies of songs by The Backstreet Boys but keep […]

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