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Movie Review: Gaia

Eco horror, body horror, creature feature elements — South African chiller Gaia has all this, and more. It’s an intelligent, macabrely beautiful-looking head trip of a film.  Park rangers Gabi (Monique Rockman) and Winston (Anthony Oseyemi) are working in the Tsitsikamma forest, floating down a river, when Gabi’s drone goes dead after she spots something […]

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Blu-ray Review: Years Of Lead: Five Classic Italian Crime Thrillers 1973-1977

Coming from a period of massive social upheaval in 1970’s Italy, the “Years of Lead” as they were called, inspired filmmakers of the time to dip their toes in all-manner brutal crime pictures (the poliziotteschi genre), and our fine fiends at Arrow Video have collected some of them in the aptly named Years of Lead collection, […]

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Comic Book Review: Attaboy (2021)

Artist extraordinaire Tony McMillen (creator of the horror effects biz/coming of age tale Serious Creatures that every, single one of you monster mother fuckers need on your beastly bookshelves right away) is getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get his latest creation, the ’80s video game influenced Attaboy in your hairy lil’ hands, […]

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Censor 2

Movie Review: Censor

Director/cowriter Prano Bailey-Bond expands on the video nasties theme she explored in her terrific 2015 short film Nasty with her feature-length debut Censor (U.K., 2021). This gripping psychological horror film rises high above mere pastiche to present a dark tale that recalls and reflects the luridness of some of the movies that made headlines in […]

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Blu-ray Review: Switchblade Sisters (1975)

Transfer student Maggie (Joanne Nail) finds herself at a high school ruled by the Silver Daggers, and their female counterparts, the Dagger Debs. Luckily for her, she’s no slouch with deadly weapons, and she soon finds herself in the good graces of the Deb’s leader, Lace (Big Bad Mama‘s Robbie Lee), and after the whole […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Stylist (2020)

Hair stylin’ Claire (played to lunatic perfection by Najarra Townsend) is a bit… off. See, ol’ Claire has a penchant for removing the scalps of her clients and putting them on her own noggin to… live vicariously through them? Look, shes unglued, it doesn’t have to make sense… The Stylist, the debut feature from writer/director Jill […]

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