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Movie Review: Before the Night is Over (2020)

Poor Samantha (Samantha Acampora); her parents are recently deadsville, and she’s been whisked away (by means of one creepy chauffeur) to her aunt’s opulent bordello… a deviant domicile where every dark sexual desire is satisfied among the all-male clientele… for a price. As fate would have it, folks start pulling the ol’ vanishing act left […]

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Movie Review: To Your Last Death

Miriam (The Love Witch‘s Dani Lennon) is having a shit-ass go of things lately; she’s stuck in some sort of bizarre game she can’t escape controlled by the super-villain costume attired Gamemaster (Deadpool’s main squeeze Morena Baccarin), a being tasked with making the “game” satisfying to it’s violence-lovin’ audience! To that end, Miriam is taken […]

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DVD Review: Hunter’s Moon (2020)

Three teenage girls are left alone in their parent’s new rural home, a mansion once owned by a serial killer, for the night after said parents leave town. Naturally these comely gals commence to throwin’ a shindig with some local yokel bad boys… but these dudes have some other intentions than merely partying down… sinister […]

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Blu-ray Review: Abigail (2019)

Abigail (Tinatin Dalakishvili) has grown up in a city surrounded by a thick border constructed to keep a mysterious illness at bay… an illness so severe that if you show any signs of having it the government just hauls your ass away (as they did with Abigail’s own father). The problem with this is, the […]

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