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Travel Channel Announces Killer Ghostober Specials And Series Premieres

  Travel Channel’s Ghostober has begun and they have a killer lineup filled with frightful delights that include series premieres like “Haunted Live”, “Mysteries at the Museum”, “Scariest Night of My Life”, and much more, including a ton of spooky specials.   MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM “Special: Zodiac Killer” – Premieres Wednesday, October 3 at 9 p.m. […]

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the basement

Movie Review: The Basement (2018)

Bill (Jackson Davis), your normal, average everyday murderous psycho (we all know one, amirite?) kidnaps Craig (Cayleb Long) and begins to enact a really cray-cray scenario (while dressed as a clown as one does); namely Bill wants Craig to pretend he’s him, then he will play various people responsible for his imagined capture and torture…seriously […]

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Movie Review: The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018)

Ever wonder what psychological toll being the “final girl” of a mass murdering psycho would take on a soul? Well the new film from first time director John Oak Dalton titled The Girl in the Crawlspace shows us just that scenario. Jill (Erin R. Ryan) is the lone survivor of the Crawlspace Killer; a real […]

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daddy's girl

‘Daddy’s Girl’ Lures In Victims In New Trailer

Darklands director Julian Richards‘ Daddy’s Girl, is set to make its World Premiere this month at the Raindance Film Festival. Ahead of its debut, the trailer has been released which has a serious Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel. Set in the deep south, Daddy’s Girl centers on a young woman and her serial killer stepfather who uses […]

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damon 1

Damon Herriman To Play Charles Manson On Mindhunters And In Tarantino’s Film

A few days ago we reported that “Justified” actor Damon Herriman has been cast as the infamous cult leader Charles Manson in Quinton Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which will open in theaters on August 9, 2019. Today we have learned that Herriman has also been cast for season two of Netflix’s hit series “Mindhunter” as…Charles Manson. […]

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Charles Manson’s Ashes Used In Painting Made Of Blood

WARNING: SUBJECT MATER AND PICTURES MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME   Tattooist and Artist Ryan Almighty shook up the art world with his artistic creations that he makes with his own blood and caught the attention of many when his portrait of Edgar Allen Poe was put on display at the museum dedicated to the […]

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clovehitch 1

This November ‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Is Coming

This November IFC Midnight will unleash The Clovehitch Killer. Today, we have the first two images. “Tyler’s a good kid, a boy scout, raised by a poor but happy family in a small, religious town. But when he finds his dad, Don, has disturbing pornography hidden in the shed, he starts to fear that his dad might be […]

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