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Blu-ray Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation (1994)

Four teenage stereotypes; the horny popular dude, the mousy girly (played by Renée Zellweger of all people), the stoner, and the beautiful good girl head out on a drive after a prom night dust-up between good n’ horny (now available at our concession stand). As they tear ass around the Texas back roads they end […]

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Movie Review: The Cabin (2018)

Hey I got a new one for ya; a couple heads to a secluded cabin and encounter terror…and by new I mean absolutely the most tired trope out there. Let’s see if The Cabin can do anything to spice up this hoary ol’ chestnut… Bickering couple, Rose (Caitlin Crommett) and Harry (Christopher Lee Page) head out […]

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Movie Review: Lasso (2018)

A bunch of old farts and their caretakers embark on a senior citizen field trip to the ol’ row-die-oh. After much carnival game ass-foolery, and ridin’ and ropin’ the sun sets and the murder biz begins, as the psychotic cow pokes behind the show change gears from lassoing to lacerating. Now it’s up to our […]

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Award Winner Staci Layne Wilson Set to Direct Slasher ‘Dead Slate’

  Ghost Walk Studios and 333 Productions have just announced that award-winning filmmaker Staci Layne Wilson (Cabare of the Dead, Psycho Therapy) is attached to direct the upcoming horror film, Dead Slate. In the film, viewers are taken behind the scenes of a slasher film in production as stereotypical cast members are stalked by a psychopath paying homage […]

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