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DVD Review: Followers (2017)

Two amazingly perfect social media fitness-centric “celebrities” head out into the deep woods for a lil’ R&R (which they plan to record every minute of…which is a needed conceit seeing as how this is a found footage fright flick and all). But there is more to this yarn, as two online documentary film makers who […]

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Movie Review: Rave Party Massacre (2018)

Travel back…way back to the far flung past of 1992; there were no smartphones, no widespread internet usage…but what we did have was the ability to go to an ass cold warehouse dressed like a god damned idiot, gobble down some drugs, and dance to a bunch of whompa whompa garbage. In Rave Party Massacre, […]

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420 Massacre DVD Key Art

Movie Review: 4/20 Massacre is an Impressive Modern Slasher Flick!

I usually find stoner flicks to be absolutely dreadful, pandering, horsecrap of the highest order…like I’d rather have hepatitis of the asshole than watch one. So imagine my absolute delight when 4/20 Massacre darkened my doorstep… The story of 4/20 Massacre goes as follows: 5 young ladies head out into the woods over the 4/20 […]

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Horror Games That Need A High Definition Remake

Many games in recent times have been given an HD reboot to be compatible with more recent gamming consoles, Resident Evil (Biohazard) has been given a complete makeover with an all new HD game called Resident Evil (Biohazard) HD Remaster that’s available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. This would be the game’s second […]

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