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We Need To Talk About The Events In Episode 4 (S7) of The Walking Dead

WARNING SPOILERS! Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Episode 4 “Service”) was filled with highs and lows, well mostly lows. A lot happened during the episode.  so, let’s get started. Negan and the Saviors arrived in Alexandria and quickly went to work taking every gun, mattress and just being dicks in general. Two guns were […]

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Parent’s Television Council Demanding AMC Removed From Cable Bundles Because Of Premiere

  After The Walking Dead’s savage, gory, season 7 premiere aired fans took to social media to express their heartbreak. One group, the Parent’s Television Council, definitely weren’t impressed. In fact, they are down-right furious about the episode. The watch-dog group has their panties in a bunch over the brutality of Negan’s two kills, Abraham […]

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