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History Channel’s ‘American Ripper’ May Finally Prove The Identity Of Jack The Ripper

  This July, an new series will be premiering on The History Channel, American Ripper. The 8-part series will delve into the possibility that the real identity of Jack The Ripper has been discovered through genetic testing and other evidence. The theory that Jack The Ripper was actually H. H. Holmes, the infamous American serial […]

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Critical Thinking

Actress and well known horror star, Caroline Williams tweeted an article this morning that dovetailed with several previous Cynema posts. Director Brett Ratner called out the dangers of aggregate film score sites like Rotten Tomatoes or the similar Metacritic in an article that devolves into a promo for his upcoming films. You can read it […]

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Review: John Borowski’s Serial Killer Culture TV Is A Great Time Killer

“Serial killers are everywhere! Well, perhaps not in our neighborhood, but on our television screens, at the movie theatres, and in rows and rows of books at our local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers.”  – Pat Brown Serial killers have held a place in popular culture for some time. They and their fictional counterparts […]

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