There’s A New Comic Coming And It May Be The Most Twisted Book You’ve Ever Seen

There’s a new five-part comic series on its way for horror fans who love the sick and twisted. Titled ‘Tales From The Whorehouse of Horror!’, this comic offers “up a selection of crazed and perverted stories, some of the sickest on the entire internet (and that’s saying something)”. 




According to the Kickstarter campaign:

A labor of love, Whorehouse of Horror covers the entire anals, er, annals (no poon, er, pun, intended) of modern horror, from the classic “TALES FROM THE CRYPT” comics of the 1950s to the current “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” series of today. Add to that the best elements of Porn History, from your Dad’s vintage (and sticky) “PENTHOUSE” collection to your well-worn blu-ray of “TWO GIRLS, ONE CUP”, and you’ve got quite the package. “Tales From The Whorehouse of Horror” is the first in a new genre of entertainment; WHORROR (Whore+Horror=Whorror).

Written by Yakov Levi and Jeff Scott with art by Dio Lee (Horror Highway), Joe Colewood (Things That Go Slurp) and (Mummy), Sebastian “Guarazu”(Wet Scream and Mystery Story), the Kickstarter campaign has some interesting perks, including you making a cameo in an upcoming comic.




The comic series is so twisted, they have been kicked off of IndieGoGo since this article was first published and had to open a new campaign. Check out the campaign for Tales From the Whorehouse of Horror!

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