Full Hellfire Jason Designed By Tom Savini Revealed For Friday The 13th: The Game

hellfire jasion 1


Gun Media is gearing up to release Friday the 13th: The Game and it is going to be epic. The company has just released a look at the full “Hellfire” Jason from the game, designed by FX master Tom Savini.

The “Hellfire” version of Jason was offered only as pre-order special on Backerkit and as a Kickstarter reward. His eyes glow behind burnt, black flesh streaked with fire, and he’s armed with the Devil’s pitchfork.


hellfire jason 2


Savini isn’t new to the Friday the 13th franchise. He designed the original version of Jason for the 1980 film, as well Jason in The Final Chapter.


hellfire jason


The single-player component will arrive this Summer. Those who funded the campaign will have early access to the beta, which includes a code to to make it shareable with up to four players, before the end of this year. The third-person game enables one player to control Jason while the others try to survive as camp councilors. It’s going to be bloody awesome!



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