Resident Evil Collectible Looks Like A Zombie’s…You Just Have To See It For Yourself

There are thousands of different horror collectibles out there, from figures, art, clothing, to almost everything you can think of. One interesting item by Japan’s Biohazard Ambassador events is a Resident Evil USB port item, and it looks a lot like a burnt or zombified penis.




While meant to be a zombie finger like the one in the game, it doesn’t resemble a finger at all until it’s bent. But come on, if you were going to make a finger, wouldn’t you give it something resembling a finger nail? When it is straight, it just looks like a dong that’s charred. Did Lorena Bobbitt design this thing? To make matters worse, the “finger” will be included in Gamestop’s exclusive collector’s edition.




I’m sorry, I just can’t stop laughing at this thing. Is this what happens to a zombie when it turns? What do you think this “collector’s item” looks like?




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